explorer expedition
Expedition : Ethiopia
Not for the comfy traveller
Only the BOLD need apply
Experience the beauty of Vietnam with Photo Master, Jino Lee
The Universe is the limit. Photography Workshop with Photo Master,
Guek Peng Siong
Explorer Expedition:
South Africa
Explorer Expedition with Africa Specialist,
Julian W.
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All our photographic trips are specially curated by photographers for photographers, with the aim to provide countless photo opportunties for our esteemed clients. All trips will be lead by one of our specialised Photo Master, who will assist with photographic instructions on location.

Unlike other trips that pamper our guests for a wholesome, well-planned & a carefully curated experience, the itineraries under the Explorer Expedition series are entirely different.  This series is geared for those with an insatiable adventure spirit, motivated to explore the unknown, and ready to expect the unexpected.

The idea is simple:  Do not ask us about what to do, what to bring, what to expect and what would the itinerary be.  It would be as new a destination as it would be for you.  The only information we would be able to provide would be the destination, time needed, and the ballpark cost.  Other information would be provided as and when they become available, and itineraries may be proned to be changed at the very last minute.

So are you the Explorer that we are looking for?

If you are, embrace that adventurous spirit and you will be richly rewarded with unexpected surprises and an unforgettable travel experience!  We are looking for like-minded adventurers with an open spirit, who would like to join this series for each new destination that we are going to explore.  Every trip will be lead by an expedition leader from TopLiners Club,  and each trip will only be open to a maximum of 4 adventurers.

If you are keen to sign up for this series, please contact us at contact@toplinersclub.com to register your interest.
Only the BOLD explorer need apply.

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